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SETUR Turbine with Hermetically Sealed Generator Specs in Adobe Acrobat format

 SETUR Vortex Turbine

 Hermetically Sealed Generator1
with Intelligent Power Controller with Inverter
 Rated power  5 kW 0.5 kW
 Maximum generator power 7.5 kW 0.75 kW
 Rated voltage, AC 50 Hz / 60 Hz (Auto sensing)
 - 3 phases 400 V or 120/208 V  
 - 1 phase   220-240 V / 110-120 V
 Built-in battery charger voltage, DC 48 V 24 V
 Generator type Permanent magnet generator
 Installation type Fully submerged
 Maximum installation depth 10 m
 Water flow speed (rated power), ≥ 3.8 m/s 3.5 m/s
 Turbine dimensions, mm 1150x1150x1250 450x450x620
 Intelligent Power Controller  
 Load power factor  No leading or lagging load power factor restrictions
 PF correction range  Better than 0.95 for all Dynamic Loads on all phases
 Correction amount  Full +/- 90 deg of Correction
 IPC power rating  Up to 10 kVA total in all Phases
 THD correction  Better than 5% for all phases in real time
 Maximum % THD for all loads  No restrictions
 Time response

 Up to 4000 times per sine wave


 Better than 97% for low loads and
 better than 98% for 70%+ load

 Surge protection

 Instantaneous & continuous with
 no degradation over time

 Level of lightning protection  10-15 MJ
 Ground current elimination  6 db or better
 Warranty  3 years
 Service life  20+ years
Each SETUR 320 inverter has two AC output power sockets
a) 110-120 V North  America, Japan, other countries

North American Power socket

b) 220-240 V Universal socket: Continental Europe, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Australia/NZ, India, South Africa, other countries

Universal Power socket