Vortex Hydrokinetics LLC offers two basic turbine types:

1. with hermetically sealed generator
2. with fully submersible annular generator (Third quarter of 2017)

and two rotor sizes:

320 mm : Rated Power - 500 W; Maximum Power - 750 W
680 mm : Rated Power - 5 kW; Maximum Power - 7.5 kW

SETUR Turbine Specifications

  • Turbines with fully submersible annular generator have been developed mainly for the ocean currents and greater depths.
  • Hermetically sealed generator turbines are designed for the use directly in relatively shallow rivers, canals, as well as near the surface ocean currents and tidal streams.

680 mm 5 kW Turbine

Rated Power Output: 5 kWh; 120 kWh per 24 hours; 43,800 kWh per year
Maximum Power Output: 7.5 kWh; 180 kWh per 24 hours; 65,700 kWh per year

320 mm 0.5 kW Turbine

Rated Power Output: 0.5 kWh; 12 kWh per 24 hours; 4,380 kWh per year
Maximum Power Output: 0.75 kWh; 18 kWh per 24 hours; 6,570 kWh per year

The technology is commercially available and has been extensively tested by E.on group (http://www.eon.com/en.html), University of Dusseldorf (Germany), Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Academy of Science (Prague, Czech Republic), Czech Technical University (Prague, Czech Republic).

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Bladeless SETUR turbines can be successfully utilized within a wide variety of applications, including

- Low head, low volume, low flow velocity hydropower

1. Low head dams
2. Rivers
3. Irrigation canals
4. Urban areas (pipelines and stormwater systems)
5. Industrial outflows


dve120 instal2 dve120 instal1


- Ocean currents and tidal streams



SETUR Sealed Generator Turbine1  SETUR Sealed Generator Turbine2 
SETUR Turbines are fully compatible with
Tesla Powerwall 2 Home Energy Storage

 Price List
SETUR320 - USD $1,600.00 + shipping
SETUR680 - USD $13,800.00 + shipping

Turbine Specifications