Vortex Hydrokinetics LLC offers two basic turbine types:

1. with hermetically sealed generator
2. with fully submersible annular generator (Third quarter of 2017)

and two rotor sizes:

M : Rated Power - 500 W
L : Rated Power - 5 kW

SETUR Turbine Specifications

  • Turbines with fully submersible annular generator have been developed mainly for the ocean currents and greater depths.
  • Hermetically sealed generator turbines are designed for the use directly in relatively shallow rivers, canals, as well as near the surface ocean currents and tidal streams.

L 5 kW Turbine

Rated Power Output: 5 kWh; 120 kWh per 24 hours; 43,800 kWh per year

M 0.5 kW Turbine

Rated Power Output: 0.5 kWh; 12 kWh per 24 hours; 4,380 kWh per year

The technology is commercially available and has been extensively tested by E.on group (http://www.eon.com/en.html), University of Dusseldorf (Germany), Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Academy of Science (Prague, Czech Republic), Czech Technical University (Prague, Czech Republic).

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Bladeless SETUR turbines can be successfully utilized within a wide variety of applications, including

- Low head, low volume, low flow velocity hydropower

1. Low head dams
2. Rivers
3. Irrigation canals
4. Urban areas (pipelines and stormwater systems)
5. Industrial outflows


- Ocean currents and tidal streams


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